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Houhai Fun

In Beijing, Houhai is known as a lake where bars, clubs and restaurants surrounded it from the North to the South to West to the East. It’s also a haven for those who would like to stroll in hutongs where you can still find Beijing of old yore. In summer, this lake is a center […]

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Postcards 28-31

The mailman delivered another batch of postcards to my workplace. Thanks, Mohamed, Laurence and Shogo! MOHAMED BENHADJ of ALGERIA MOHAMED BENHADJ of ALGERIA LAURENCE CABIBBO of FRANCE SHOGO HORIOCHI of JAPAN Again, thank you so much!

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Meet the Mr. Gay China Candidates

GAYOGRAPHIC has already posted the official candidates for the first evah Mr. Gay China. Everyone I know is so anticipating of this pageant in this country where homosexuality is not talked about publicly and where many homolicious men are still sulking in their closet. Eleven nights to go and everyone will be feasting on these […]

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December 2009 Wiggers

A new country, ESTONIA, is added to the growing list of my world domination! 2009 closed with 244 wonderful wiggers in 58 countries! Wow! Just wow! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL for WIGGIN’ with me! Argentina – 1 (Leo) Australia – 7 (Emma, Jared, Jenny, Nancy, Philip, Sam, Zac) Austria – […]

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Pictionary: The Countdown to 2010!

Brace for yourself because this is going to be a looooong entry, really. I don’t remember everything at the YEN Countdown Rave so, this entry is co-written by a friend / biatch / fag hag / skinny / sexless / neighbor friend of mine, Dinah, who is gonna narrate what exactly happened on the first […]

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