Manila Bay Sunset

The first time I saw the sunset at Manila Bay some years ago, I fell in-love.

It was love at first sight, Id say.

Everytime I have friends coming to Manila, I always, always tell them to drop by Manila Bay and see the worlds most gorgeous sunset ever.

And they have the same words to say, except for the Spanish and the Georgian, because the nimbus cloud was ready to pour!

They missed it big time.

Enjoy the pictures below and my new blog banner taken this afternoon. 

Are they kissing or what? :)

 This guy was alone. He was already there before I arrived and stayed even until the sun “swam” into the sea. He was so glued watching it and looked like he was contemplating on something. I was glued looking at him too.

 I was supposed to do Rodins “The Thinker” but I moved before the camera flashed. I dont wanna do it again because a lot of people were watching what I was doing. Im a shy camwhore. Hahahahaha….

 I love this photo. Not much of a camwhore but childlike. :)

 The serenity of this view speaks of a promise of a new day!

 I caught this horse peeing! It made my day! Hahahaha…

 I love this shot. The people in this pic consists of a child, a teenager, a father, a grandpa, a passerby and a nun!




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One Response to “Manila Bay Sunset”

  1. Danica
    April 14, 2010 at 11:52 AM #

    You got it biatch and I missed it when I was in Manila!!
    I was last weekend with Ateh Alexa in madrid LOLOL
    Ateh Danica

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